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Good morrow to you all. Here follows news of all sorts.


First item up is this new album Penny Novelettes which is emerging from the sea even as I write. What can I say? Apart from the fact that it's available through Bandcamp as a download and as a CD. It's also available to hear on all the usual digital platforms. It has 14 of my best songs and the early signs from pre-orders are that it's hitting the spot. "Well up to scratch" seems to be the general tone of opinion. We also have a new Oddcaste about the album. Includes trailers and indeed, complete tracks. Tracks which didn't make it onto the album, instrumental 'sync' tracks and lots of burble from their manufacturer.

It may or may not get reviews, radio airplay etc etc. We never mind this sort of thing of course, but generally, over here Cleaners from Venus HQ we just prefer to get on with the job of making high quality mid-fi records stuffed with good pop songs. As soon as we're launched. I'll begin writing and recording the next album. There may well be another EP along in the autumn.

Meanwhile, there are a handful of gigs to attend (virus permitting)

On afternoon August 8th Woodbridge Long Shed (Suffolk)

On Saturday evening 14th August at Colchester's Headgate Theatre

For a solo cabaret. The Silver Evening. This will involve, songs and spoken word. As well as being a fund-raiser for Colne Radio FM 106.6 it will serve as a warm-up for this year's Golden Afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon 19th September...

THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON is back! At Colchester Arts Centre.

Special Guest Lee-Cave Berry & her consort Kimberley Rew. The Golden Afternoon which involves tea, cakes and a bar, is where I run through many of my best-known songs a few poems and yarns.


The long awaited feature-length documentary directed by James Sharp is, of course The Jangling Man and is being hurriedly dressed for work now Expecting an announcement even as I write.

It will be on the internet yes, but also, (so I understand) on DVD and in cinemas etc.

We are also hoping to launch -- at this September's Golden Afternoon the actual film The Golden Afternoon. Directed by Michael Cumming (Brass Eye, Toast of London and much else) the film consists of the concert footage from the first-ever Golden Afternoon 2003. Michael discovered the film footage last year and edited it all into shape during Lockdown. It looks and sounds amazing. It's about ready to go. We held it up so it didn't crash into new albums and other films. We should have DVDs for sale of course.

We may have something else, film-wise for you nearer to Christmas but that's for us to know…Nuff said. Trust us we ain't been idle.

In addition to all these items, latest news will come via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course here on the website.

For now then, ta-raa and don't forget to check in…



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