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Yeah, I know it's been quiet lately. At the end of last week, I finished the last of a series of gigs which had been rumbling on since March. At the beginning of this week, I received the finished masters of the new album That London. It had been mastered by David Lovell, who at the tender age of 20, probably has better ears than I do. He's given the album a subtle French polishing job, without making it sound overly glossy.

Back in May, Rachel Love and I, under the name The Light Music Company released the mini album Housewives Favourites. This is a side-project which has been well-received and is still selling. So, as soon as I've cleared the decks of the general clutter left by this year's activity, I'll get going on some more recordings. Rachel and I will make another mini album for the winter, which we'll call "Christmassy Music" proper easy fireside fare with a snowy dusting of electronica.

This week, therefore - apart from the heatwave -- has mainly involved clearing up and taking stock. In a week's time (29th July) there'll be a Cleaners from Venus download summer single "Lo-Fi London". This will act as flagship for the new album. With it will be two never- released 'orphan' tracks which won't be on the album. "The Blackwater Boy" is a four-track recording from the vaults. And "Away with the Fairies" was too late for the last album and too early for the new one, so it's been sitting there unheard for about 20 months.

Because of a certain amount of melancholy in my private life, I've just buried myself in work this past spring and summer. I've been a right little work-donkey in fact. I've made made two records and done more gigs in 3 months than in the preceding 3 years. I also made a short documentary "Martin Newell in Liverpool" directed by James Sharp, which I fervently hope will come out on DVD sometime in the winter. The reason I've held back on the news is because we've been waiting for Man from Del Monte to tell us when the f*** our film "The Jangling Man" is out. Well, the news we now have is that it IS coming out soon: with premieres in LA, New York, London, and at least one city in the north of England. I wish we had actual dates but the best it gets at time of writing is 'September'. More when I know more. The autumn could get *very* busy which is one reason why I'm not taking any gigs until further notice. Oh and I'm kind of a bit washed out. As for the forthcoming album, That London. It's up to you lot to pronounce judgement on it but so far as I'm concerned, I think it will come to be seen as milestone in my career. The 13 pieces on the records -- 10 songs and 3 instrumental pieces -- are all about London. London the city I've known as a child, as a troubled teenager, as a working musician and writer. It's a city which for me haunts itself. I've tried to paint that in. I don't think you'll be disappointed. More soon. At ease.


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