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The Cleaners From Venus Patreon

The Cleaners From Venus Patreon is now live! From Martin's kitchen table to your home. Songs, yarns, poems and lots more. Patreon is another way to avoid having too much to do with the wider music industry, which can only be a good thing. But it's also a way to try and meet the demand for live performance. Martin likes performing. He doesn't like travelling. Getting him out of Essex is rare enough. Getting him out of the UK is very unlikely. And almost on a weekly basis now, he's getting requests and offers for tours of America and other parts of the world. And while he says "never say never", at the moment it's not really doable. A few UK gigs, yep, but not overseas. So, if we can't make Martin meet the mountain, then we'll bring the mountain to Martin. With this Patreon, we're going to start with a weekly performance of a Cleaners song. Maybe the occasional cover. These will eventually find their way out on general release, but there will also be Patreon exclusive accompanying videos about the background of the song. Why/how/where it was written etc. We'll also have occasional exclusive bonus videos about this and that, Q&As, some work-in-progress demos of new material and lots more. And if all goes well, maybe even a full gig down the line. The Cleaners From Venus Patreon. Live(ish) from the Kitchen Table (or the front room)


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