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Hello everybody and welcome to the new website.

Plenty of things coming up, First of all though, I'd like to give hearty thanks to Paul Wilkinson( Rtd.) 'Our Pauly' who established and ran the original website back in 1999, when I didn't even know what the internet was. And big thanks, too to Steve Dix (Steve in Cologne) who helped us out with awful lot of stuff back in those pioneering days. This new trimmed-down website will be chiefly for news of releases, publications, events, films and all the other stuff that casual readers and my more persistent stalkers need to know. So here it is.

Winter EP

The first thing up will be a seasonal/winter EP, The Flowers of December, which will be out on December 4th.

This consists of three brand new songs A Kitchen Porter's Tale, Broken Dreams For Boys, and the title track The Flowers of December – which comprise two separate mixes Upriver and Downriver. This is another, Pay-what-you-like download, to allow for hardship or fortune – those two imposters. Before you ask, yes, at least two of these songs are likely to make it onto a CD next year. This brings me to…

The Next Album

I'm permanently recording and writing new stuff and already have about 12 new finished songs. By late spring, there will probably be twice as many as that. So expect a humdinger of a new album at some point in the summer.

The CD Re-Releases. As you'll be aware we’ve gradually been restoring the last decade's albums back to CD. We already have these CDs in stock: English Electric, The Late District and Return To Bohemia.

We still have CDs of Dolly Birds & Spies the most recent album. We're slightly low on Star Café and we're temporarily out of Life In A Time Machine. Up for re-release next is In Chimp World. Everything else is on Spotify. i-tunes and all the other platforms.

The Off White Album

My 1995 follow-up to The Greatest Living Englishman will be released on vinyl in late March 2021 by Captured Tracks Records of Brooklyn, USA. Captured Tracks will continue to be distributors (CD and vinyl) of all the Cleaners from Venus catalogue made between 1980 and 1991. They are also licensed by Cherry Red Records of Londonshire, England to sell vinyl of The Greatest Living Englishman and The Off White Album.

Film News

The long-awaited and long-in-the-making documentary The Jangling Man directed by James Sharp, will also be released round about late March. That's the the latest news anyway. Lots of goodies there so I'm not going to spoil the surprise for you all.

Another film The Golden Afternoon, which consists entirely of footage from the first ever Golden Afternoon concert in 2003, was discovered by its director Michael Cumming (yes that Michael Cumming) in his archives. During Lockdown he's edited the film, ready for release next year.

A third film, this time of The Eye Tunes Concert 2018 is also being cut together at last. More on that when we know more. (That's enough films Ed.) We'll be updating you in later newsletters.


On December 12th John Cooper Clarke and I along with fellow word-wranglers will be live-streaming our Christmas Poetry performances from Colchester Arts Centre between 5.00pm and 11.00pm GMT (see poster).

The people who organised Wivenhoe Lockdown Fest this summer are in early talks about a similar live-stream thing with me soon. Tickets can be bought HERE

Martin - November 2020


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