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Cleaned Up Collectibles Volume 2

Cleaned Up Collectibles Volume 2 is now available to purchase from Bandcamp and most everywhere else. This collection of antiquities and curiosities spans 1979's Flamingo Rd to 2015 The Bachelorette. Some are out-takes and b-sides from the mid 1980s. Others were unfinished, lost, forgotten about or unchosen at the time but came up well in the wash.

Flamingo Rd, written in 1979 recorded in 1980 is a Stray Trolleys track, this mix is better mix than the one which came out on the record. It's not a Cleaners track but we thought you'd like it.

I'm Not George Best was written for Jim Phelan's tribute album to the footballing legend of that name.

Four songs all recorded 4 track were The Ministry of Sweetness and Light, The Bachelorette and Shimmering Eastern Beaches. They've never been publicly-aired before now.


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